5 Things to Give Up For a Successful Recovery

This article is by Recovery Connection


Letting Go = Moving Forward

A successful recovery comes with a price of giving up all the unhealthy things that made your addiction thrive. If you give up these things, you leave room for growth and healing.

  1. Give up your fear. Being scared of the unknown is common. But if you don’t get past the fear, you can’t move forward.
  2. Give up your inflexibility to change. Changes happen whether we like them or not. When we accept change, we allow things to improve.
  3. Give up making excuses. Making excuses doesn’t help you. Accepting responsibility for your past behavior and substance abuse lets you grow and gain insight, which gives you an edge over cravings. Even in sobriety, you might find yourself making excuses for little things, just as a habit. Break the habit.
  4. Give up putting yourself down. Putting yourself down for past mistakes and hurts doesn’t allow you to heal and puts you at risk of relapse. Realize that you’re now in a new phase in your life and are learning to think and act differently, free of alcohol and drugs.
  5. Give up your anger. You might have been wronged by people in the past. It’s understandable to be angry over it, but that anger has led you to where you are now; it’s poisonous. Forgiving others frees you from the trap you have been in.

Letting things go lets you forge ahead in your life. What have you let go of?

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