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National Suicide Prevention Month: Not Alone in 2020

Sep 17, 2020

September is National Suicide Prevention Month, and after a summer characterized by isolation, social unrest, financial strain, political division, and a startling loss of life due to Covid-19, this National Suicide Prevention Month should remind us all that we’re not experiencing these times alone. While some individuals may feel the effects of the present climate more intimately, we’re all weathering the same storm. Suicidal thoughts can happen to anyone, regardless of their race, wealth, age, or gender. In this way, suicidal thoughts are not uncommon. However, suicidal ideation should never be normalized, as the act of suicide is usually related to an undiagnosed mental health concern. Unfortunately, these mental health conditions – not surprisingly – have seen a sharp, correlative rise with Covid-19 and its rippling effects on everyday life. It is amidst this backdrop that suicide prevention resources are becoming all the more necessary.

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