We are grateful that you are considering Faith Recovery as a place for you or your loved one to begin the journey of recovery. Our experienced admission staff will collect essential information to help our clinical team decide if we are an appropriate level of care for your needs.


Anyone can make the initial call: a referral source, a family member, or a prospective client. You will be asked to provide the following information:


  • Potential client’s location, age, and background
  • The referral source’s name and contact numbers
  • The history and current use of addictive substances
  • A preliminary medical overview, including a list of currently prescribed medications
  • Insurance/Payment information


The answers to these questions will help our team determine how to best help you or your loved ones. Depending on bed space and availability the date and time for admission can be arranged within a day or two. If we are not the right fit for your recovery needs, we will refer you to another treatment program that will better serve you.


Currently Accepting Self Pay

Accepting Insurances Starting Fall 2023

What to bring:

  • Social Security Card
  • Driver’s license or Personal I.D.
  • Bible/Approved Reading Materials
  • Basic classroom supplies (paper, pens, pencils, notebook, etc.)
  • Personal Hygiene products (none containing alcohol—e.g. Mouth Wash, cologne, etc.)
  • Approved Medications
  • Bedding (Twin sheets, pillow, blanket)
  • Towels (4 max), washcloth
  • Clothing: (the numbers represent MAXIMUM amounts. Individuals should obtain the fullest possible amount of these items, but should not exceed them):

o Shoes (dress, work, casual, rec, shower)     (MAX 5)

o Pants (must include dress, casual, work)     (MAX 8)

o Shorts (can include a pair of swim-trunks) (MAX 3)

o Shirts (collared, polo, work, casual)             (MAX 10)

o Lettered t-shirts (not plain white)              (MAX 5)

o Belts                                                                  (MAX 2)

o Raincoat; Hoodie; Jacket

o Socks (10), Underwear (10), Long Johns (3), Tank Tops (3), Plain White T-Shirts (3)


What not to bring:

  • Food or drink items of any kind (with the exception of hard candy)
  • Electronic media devices of any kind: Cellphone, Digital camera, Tape/cd player,
  • MP3, iPod, Tablet, Clock with radio, portable electronic games, etc.
  • Clothing/items with inappropriate Slogans, Tags, or Pictures (determined by Men’s Home Director)
  • Drugs and/or drug paraphernalia of any kind, including lighters and/or matches.
  • Medications/vitamins (these can only be approved by the Men’s Home Director, with medical proof of need, before entrance into the program)
  • Money: Cash, Checks, Credit Cards, Gift Cards, Debit Cards, etc.



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