Gratitude Journaling and Mental Health

November is National Gratitude Month, a time to celebrate and give thanks. At RCA, we are celebrating by highlighting videos of our staff and alumni, sharing downloadable quotes on gratitude, and giving away access to a free gratitude journal.

What does it mean to practice gratitude? Gratitude is defined as the state of being grateful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. Practicing gratitude can be recognizing the positive things in your life and how they affect you.

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Deeper Look at Depression in The Bible

While depression may seem like a modern illness that has recently become more of a public topic of discussion, it’s existed since the beginning of time.

For as long as people have been able to feel hurt or sorrow, depression has existed. This complex disease has affected many people, both in the past and in the present. As a Christian rehab in Florida, we’re familiar with the presence of addiction and mental illnesses like depression in the Bible. We’re sharing what we found when taking a deeper look at depression in the Bible and some examples of people in Scripture who experienced this mental disorder.

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How to Help an Addict Feel Motivated to Seek Treatment

The holiday season is an excuse to let loose and enjoy a month of excess. Unfortunately, for those with the propensity to overindulge, this time of year can cause turmoil. This takes a serious toll on not only the addict but their family members as well. With the pressure of spending money, making countless social arrangements, and dedicating time to people you only see once a year, worrying about a loved one suffering from addiction can be enough to tip you over the edge.

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How do you break the power of addiction?

I know before I even start to write this blog post that it may seem controversial to some folks, but I would ask you to really think about it before forming an opinion. Please don’t just rely on a gut feeling.

Admit there is a problem

One of the saddest parts of addiction is often the reality that everybody but the addict can see there is a problem. It is absolutely amazing what the brain can justify. I can remember very vividly the arguments I would make, to myself, as to why I didn’t have a problem.

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Why fall & winter are times when addicts get the most help

The summer months are typically when people party hard and let loose. For many young adults, the end of summer signifies returning to school or work and returning to the grind. However, for those addicted to drugs, the party lifestyle may continue for a few weeks before they feel lonely and isolated.

One of the reasons why addicts may find themselves feeling worse in the fall and winter months is because of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD is a type of depression that becomes more pronounced in winter.

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How to Not Drink in Social Situations

Over 85% of adults in the United States drink alcohol, and for the less than 15% of us who don’t, refusing alcohol in social situations can feel sometimes make us feel left out or like the oddball of the group.1 This is especially true for people who used to drink in social settings or are now recovering from an alcohol use disorder. However, there are plenty of ways you can spend time with friends and have fun without alcohol. Below is more on the dangers of social drinking and some tips on how to not drink in social situations. 

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5 Ways Faith in God Helps You During Addiction Recovery

Addiction often has a hugely detrimental impact on all of the loving relationships in your life, from your parents to your spouse, children, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and even God. Many people who struggle with addiction question their relationship with religion and even turn away in anger and shame.

Reconnecting with God and spirituality can be the missing piece in the puzzle, and combining faith with religion often gives believers a new sense of purpose in life. It’s this new-found strength that can also help prevent you from relapsing.

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What Can Speed Up My Recovery?

The road to recovery is long and often frustrating. Addicts often have high expectations for themselves and want to rush headlong into stages they’re not yet ready for. To make steady, consistent progress, however, there are ways to boost yourself and see progress that in the long run will put you ahead.

Have a Strong Support System

There is nothing worse than being alone when you are an addict. The more you isolate yourself, the more you can only turn to your addiction for relief—but that fact also makes the opposite just as true.

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When it’s time to get into drug rehab, what do I do?

Like most people, you may not know what to do when it’s time to get into drug rehab. You may feel scared, alone, or even ashamed. You may also feel torn between getting help and continuing to use drugs.

The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone. Millions of people have gone through drug rehab and successfully come out the other side. This guide will help you understand what to expect from drug rehab and how to get the most out of it.

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Signs You are Dating an Alcoholic & What to Do

You may be dating an alcoholic and not realize it until their habit becomes more detrimental to your relationship. On the other hand, you might be suspicious. You have a feeling that your partner’s drinking has gone a little too far, or they are spending more time drinking or recovering from drinking than sober.

Alcoholism is a progressive disease that can happen to anyone, so if you believe you are dating someone with a drinking problem, do not wait to get help.

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