Why fall & winter are times when addicts get the most help

The summer months are typically when people party hard and let loose. For many young adults, the end of summer signifies returning to school or work and returning to the grind. However, for those addicted to drugs, the party lifestyle may continue for a few weeks before they feel lonely and isolated.

One of the reasons why addicts may find themselves feeling worse in the fall and winter months is because of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD is a type of depression that becomes more pronounced in winter.

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Will I Need Help to Get Through the Detox Process?

Going through a drug or alcohol detox can be extremely hard on your body and brain. It can also put you on an emotional roller coaster that you may not want to share. When you’re going through detox, however, you should definitely have someone available to monitor you and call for help if you are in danger.


Detoxing from any drug can leave you feeling nauseous and may lead to severe mood swings, violent outbursts or even death. Some drugs require a week to 10 days for effective detox to be complete, and your water intake and nutrition must be top-notch to prevent dangerous withdrawal symptoms. You may feel the need for multiple daily showers due to perspiration, and your sleep will be disrupted. You’ll find that a room with dark blinds will help you rest.

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Tackling Football Season Sober

The long-awaited football season has arrived, and though it’s an exciting time for football fans across the country, if you’re in recovery, you may be tackling some mixed feelings about the season. The thought of not drinking on game day is sure to spark some feelings of worry and anxiety no matter how much time you have.

For years sporting events have been largely associated with the consumption of alcohol and football is no exception. From tailgates, to stadiums, to bars, and even your own home, the pressure to drink while cheering on your favorite team is prevalent.

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Signs You are Dating an Alcoholic & What to Do

You may be dating an alcoholic and not realize it until their habit becomes more detrimental to your relationship. On the other hand, you might be suspicious. You have a feeling that your partner’s drinking has gone a little too far, or they are spending more time drinking or recovering from drinking than sober.

Alcoholism is a progressive disease that can happen to anyone, so if you believe you are dating someone with a drinking problem, do not wait to get help.

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When it’s time to get into drug rehab, what do I do?

Like most people, you may not know what to do when it’s time to get into drug rehab. You may feel scared, alone, or even ashamed. You may also feel torn between getting help and continuing to use drugs.

The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone. Millions of people have gone through drug rehab and successfully come out the other side. This guide will help you understand what to expect from drug rehab and how to get the most out of it.

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Is Drug Addiction Genetic?

For ages, communities have struggled with the complex issue of drug addiction, which has left a path of destruction in its wake. While there are many factors that contribute to addiction, one that has long perplexed scientists and academics is whether this harmful habit has a genetic component. Does the occurrence of addiction in families suggest a hereditary predisposition? Can we link certain genes to addictive tendencies? Investigating the complex link between genetics and drug addiction helps us to understand the fundamental causes of this condition and may have implications for prevention, treatment, and stigma reduction. Faith in Recovery explores the fascinating query: Is drug addiction genetic?

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Deeper Look at Depression in The Bible

While depression may seem like a modern illness that has recently become more of a public topic of discussion, it’s existed since the beginning of time.

For as long as people have been able to feel hurt or sorrow, depression has existed. This complex disease has affected many people, both in the past and in the present. As a Christian rehab in Florida, we’re familiar with the presence of addiction and mental illnesses like depression in the Bible. We’re sharing what we found when taking a deeper look at depression in the Bible and some examples of people in Scripture who experienced this mental disorder.

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How Can I Protect My Children from Addiction?

As kids get older, protecting them from the hazards of peer pressure can be even harder than it was to keep them safe and healthy when they were small. Community, communication, and vigilance are the keys to keeping your kids away from addictive properties, as well as understanding how the adolescent brain works.

Cultivate a Healthy Relationship

Your kids are always listening, especially in those moments when you’re not trying to teach. You may need to research topics such as the hazards of video game addiction and just how common this addiction is becoming.

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How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Your System?

Have you ever been out drinking with friends and wondered, “Am I safe to drive?” It can be hard to judge how much alcohol tips over to unsafe levels when you’re drinking. This is why it is usually safer to have a designated driver, or a plan to stay somewhere safe after drinking. This way, you don’t have to try and make that judgment call while under the influence.

What about other instances? Have you ever tried to have a drink before a family event, not wanting to be drunk while there, but felt the need to “take the edge off” before you go? You might not feel like you’re not drunk anymore, but how long does alcohol stay in your system?

There are many limitations that come along with drinking. Some of these limits are government-set, while others might be set for the individual. For example, it is illegal to drive a car if you have a blood-alcohol content of over 0.08%. In some states, like Indiana, you can even be fined if you have a BAC over 0.2%. Others might set a limit of a certain number of drinks for themselves so they don’t feel bad the next day. Whether you’re following your own limits, or ones set by someone else, knowing how long alcohol stays in your system is essential.

Let’s look at how alcohol metabolizes in the body, how long it sticks around, and what impacts these timelines.

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Finding the Courage to Grab Your Lifeline

He was famous in his field: a psychiatrist and professor at the local Ivy League university. A flyer initially drew me to one of his lectures.
As he spoke, it felt like my mind was exploding into millions of revelations. He spoke about things I’d always suspected, but had never known much about. And he showed, through studies and his own experience treating patients, how it worked. And it did work. I felt hope start to rise within me.

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