How To Overcome Addiction This Summer

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Overcoming an addiction during the summer can seem daunting, but there’s truly no time like the present. If you’re struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol and are considering taking the next step, this blog will help you understand RCA’s programs designed to help you overcome your addiction and begin your life in recovery.

First, you’re probably wondering what addiction treatment would be like. If so, our website is loaded with resources, including this one explaining what rehab is like. In short, rehab is a challenging journey, but one that can ultimately save your life. Throughout the treatment process, you’ll learn about the disease of addiction and how to overcome it, you’ll develop healthy coping mechanisms to counteract stresses and triggers, and you’ll be fully immersed in a healing environment focused on helping you reclaim your life from addiction.

How drug addiction is treated

Nearly all of our patients’ journeys into treatment begins with a phone call into our 24/7 Admissions Department. The goal of this initial phone call is to determine which RCA treatment center is the right fit for you based on your mental and physical condition, your substance use history, and your financial and coverage options. During this process, we’re firmly committed to helping you overcome any challenges to getting the help you need. Our team will be upfront about your expected financial commitment and can discuss any outstanding legal or employment issues you may have. Once you’re done with the “pre-screen”, as this process is often called, your Care Advocate will schedule your admission and arrange for RCA’s transportation to pick you up, if applicable.

RCA offers multiple “levels” of treatment, ranging in intensiveness and the length of time in treatment, and based on the acuity of your medical need. The treatment process can consist of any of all of the following: detox, inpatient residential treatment, outpatient, or, in the time of Coronavirus, telehealth outpatient. In detox from drugs or alcohol, you’ll reside in a medically monitored unit and receive medical and clinical care aimed at easing your transition into a residential treatment setting. In inpatient residential treatment, you will work with a team of medical and clinical personnel throughout your stay to address your addiction and provide you a path to recovery. Finally, in an outpatient setting, which is usually prescribed for a period of time after residential treatment, you will live at home and continue your day-to-day responsibilities, while attending treatment sessions in-person or via telehealth as prescribed by your clinical team.

During your treatment process, you will participate in a variety of therapeutic sessions, ranging from group sessions to one-on-one therapy. At RCA, our programs are firmly rooted in 12-step principles. We also subscribe to the principle that medications in treatment (MAT), including methadone and Suboxone, are one of the best and safest options available for addiction treatment. Your clinical teams will also work with you to develop a fitness and nutrition plan that is sensitive to any co-occurring conditions or physical ailments that you experience. And at RCA, we pride ourselves on the quality of our food, knowing that a lack of healthy food can be destabilizing to your recovery.

Get sober and stay sober

As you near the end of your treatment stay with us and become well established in the “get sober” part of the recovery process we will put more and more emphasis on “how to stay sober.” You will work directly with your case manager to develop an aftercare plan which will include an individualized approach to staying sober as well as: planning your next treatment steps after you graduate, finalizing any remaining financial issues, and helping to coordinate any outstanding items related to employment and legal issues. You will be discharged from treatment with a clear plan on what your next steps are and an invitation to join one of our highly rated regional Alumni programs.

Long-term sobriety requires commitment to the path of recovery long after you do the prescribed number of days at an inpatient or outpatient rehab center. Know that we will be with you every step of that way to offer our helping hand shall you ever need it. As an RCA graduate, you will have access to our regional Alumni program chapters which will provide you with lots of opportunities to network and interact with like-minded individuals in recovery and discover RCA hosted sober activities that will help you create a new normal without any drugs or alcohol.

Beating addiction during the Summer can seem daunting, but there is truly no time like the present to overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol and begin your life of recovery.

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