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Snarky and Sober? Letting Go of Resentment and Anger in Recovery

February 23, 2021

Here’s the good news: I am kinder and gentler after two-plus years of recovery. The bad news? I was pretty awful in the early days of my sobriety: angry at the world and resentful of the pickle I had gotten myself into. On top of that, I’ve written it all down in a daily blog (posted on the worldwide web), so I can’t even pretend I was the ideal sober newbie.

For a host of reasons I got fed up with the whole mess and stopped drinking July 28, 2013. But I was bored, I resented my situation and I developed more than a little anger for those who could sip a cocktail without polishing off everyone else’s drink leavings and the dregs in the bottle.

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How to Get a Drug Addict Into Treatment

February 19, 2021

When people ask how to get a drug addict into treatment, typically they are really asking one of two questions. The first is: “What is the process for getting someone into drug addiction treatment?” The second (and the hardest one to answer) is: “How do I get someone addicted to drugs to want to go to and stick with treatment?”

Since it is relatively easy to answer, let’s tackle the first question now.

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Tick, Tick, Boom: Unmanaged Anger and Relapse

February 16, 2021

I was on Facebook the other day and I realized something – certain people on my friend list had mysteriously gone MIA. Now, granted, my Facebook is a little different than most, as I have many friends from my time in prison. But my missing friends all had one common denominator: a higher-than-normal level of anger.

While behind bars, these friends were always involved in altercations and violent outbursts. I looked into their whereabouts and sure enough, there was a reason I hadn’t heard from them: They had all relapsed, were back in prison or both.

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5 Things Recovery Taught Me (And Why I’m Grateful)

February 11, 2021

I entered into recovery feeling completely broken – like I was shattered into a million little pieces. But recovery taught me I didn’t need to fix myself. In fact, I learned how to weave those pieces into a beautiful mosaic and love every inch of it.

The lessons in recovery are endless and sometimes they come all at once. There are times when I struggle to catch my breath. I feel like I can’t cope…yet, I do. Over the course of the last five years, I’ve grown up, developed my identity, accepted who I am, learned how to integrate in this world, and gained new coping strategies.

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Practicing Self-Love this Valentine’s Day and Beyond

February 9, 2021

Recovery presents us with the opportunity to mend the relationships that experienced a disconnect during our active addiction, but one relationship we don’t often think about during this chapter of rebuilding, is the relationship we have with ourselves. Drugs and alcohol can act as a band-aid that we use to conceal our shame and self-deprecating thoughts, but in recovery, we can no longer run from these feelings. The image we have of ourselves is at the forefront of every decision we make, so for us to honestly embrace recovery, we must also embrace ourselves.

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When to Quit: For Family & Friends

February 5, 2021

In the online Family & Friends meetings that I facilitate, one of the more difficult issues that sometimes arises is the decision whether to end a relationship with a family member struggling with addictive behavior. Faced with the frustration, exhaustion, and negative emotions that have developed, many people reach a place of hopelessness before coming to a meeting.

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