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Tackling the Top Barriers to Treatment

August 10, 2021

Over 20 million American adults suffer from a substance use disorder, yet a majority don’t seek treatment.


The reasons vary, but there are a few common reasons people don’t seek help for their addictions – and it’s not always because they aren’t ready. It can be because of insurance, the fear of losing their job, or something else.

Here are the top barriers that may prevent someone from seeking addiction treatment:

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The Stages of Me

August 5, 2021

My sober friends who have come to know me also know that I like to chunk things down. Give me a list and I’m good to go!

When I look at my life in retrospect without the fog of alcohol, and also look at my life with curiosity going forward, I can segment it into four categories: Outside Me, Reclamation Me, Inside Me and Journeywoman Me.

Outside Me

In my Outside Me phase, I became a pro at personal and physical reinvention.

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Addiction and Estrangement

August 3, 2021

Addiction can roil relationships with abuse, betrayal, and domestic violence, placing great stress on a family. Typically, parents and siblings who try to help or manage a family member’s addiction find themselves sapped of emotional energy and drained of financial resources. My survey shows as many as 10 percent of respondents suspect that a sibling is hiding an addiction.

I wonder: Does the addiction produce family problems, or do a dysfunctional family’s issues result in addiction?

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What to Expect during Family Therapy

July 29, 2021

When a family member is struggling with a substance use disorder, it affects the entire family. Their substance use may make others in the family feel like they are dealing with a stranger. It’s not uncommon for the person experiencing addiction to act completely out of character, making the entire family feel out of sync.

If your loved one is in this situation and your family feels upside down, things may start to improve after they begin rehab.

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Collegiate Recovery Programs: Keeping the Door to Opportunity Open

July 27, 2021

There are two ways to think about college, both equally prevalent in our cultural knowledge of the subject. The first is about doors opening: doors to opportunity for economic advancement and financial security, and doors to a deeper understanding of one’s own true self. The second conceptualization of college is also about discovery, but of a different kind: the discovery of substances, usually alcohol, sometimes drugs.

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Where to Get Help for Family Members of Drug Addicts

July 22, 2021

Help is out there for family members of drug addicts. It is important to understand that, just as your loved one’s addiction didn’t happen overnight, neither will their recovery. Working through this problem is a process. There will be some things you need to come to grips with and do on your own, and some things for which you’ll need to patiently wait.

The good news is that addiction treatment works, and that when your loved one is ready, it’s their best shot at sustained success.

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