Celebrating a No-Alcohol Good Friday

April 4, 2023

Good Friday is a Christian holiday commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus and his death at Calvary. This holiday is observed during Holy Week and goes by names like Holy Friday, Great Friday, Great and Holy Friday, and Black Friday. Good Friday is also the Friday before Easter. In 2023, it falls on April 7th. While this holiday can be considered emotionally sobering, it may present problems for individuals in recovery from addiction. Everyone celebrates holidays differently, but one common denominator we see in celebrations is alcohol. It may seem less likely that a person will drink heavily on such a serious holiday, but that is not always the case. Faith in Recovery shares ways to celebrate a no-alcohol Good Friday for those in recovery.

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Sober Spring Break: How to Keep Yourself From Relapsing

March 30, 2023

Spring break has long been a time of celebration and fun for college students. It’s a time to ditch the books and head off for a much-needed break. Many flock to famous spring break destinations like Miami Beach, Cabo, San Lucas, Jamaica, Bahamas, Punta Cana, etc., to have a good time and capture those perfect shots for social media. Others opt for road trips, house parties, sports tournaments, etc.

And it’s not just about the parties and fun. Spring break also means free time for those who don’t want to go on vacations or parties. For this group of people, spring break is a time to sit around the house, perhaps watch a movie, or sleep.

But all these options present a challenge for those in recovery. The parties and free time can both trigger cravings and make one more likely to reach for that bottle or baggie. With the relapse risk being so high, it’s important to think carefully about how to approach spring break in a way that won’t jeopardize your recovery.

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What Can Speed Up My Recovery?

March 28, 2023

The road to recovery is long and often frustrating. Addicts often have high expectations for themselves and want to rush headlong into stages they’re not yet ready for. To make steady, consistent progress, however, there are ways to boost yourself and see progress that in the long run will put you ahead.

Have a Strong Support System

There is nothing worse than being alone when you are an addict. The more you isolate yourself, the more you can only turn to your addiction for relief—but that fact also makes the opposite just as true.

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Signs You are Dating an Alcoholic & What to Do

March 23, 2023

You may be dating an alcoholic and not realize it until their habit becomes more detrimental to your relationship. On the other hand, you might be suspicious. You have a feeling that your partner’s drinking has gone a little too far, or they are spending more time drinking or recovering from drinking than sober.

Alcoholism is a progressive disease that can happen to anyone, so if you believe you are dating someone with a drinking problem, do not wait to get help.

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Finding the Courage to Grab Your Lifeline

March 21, 2023

He was famous in his field: a psychiatrist and professor at the local Ivy League university. A flyer initially drew me to one of his lectures.
As he spoke, it felt like my mind was exploding into millions of revelations. He spoke about things I’d always suspected, but had never known much about. And he showed, through studies and his own experience treating patients, how it worked. And it did work. I felt hope start to rise within me.

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Addiction Group Topics

March 16, 2023

Group therapy can be vital for those struggling with substance use disorders. It can help people communicate their thoughts and feelings, connect with others, and begin to understand their behaviors and the causes of their addictions. Group sessions at our Christian drug rehabilitation center are held in a safe and confidential space to ensure clients feel comfortable enough to share their struggles and achievements in recovery. Today, Faith in Recovery shares some of the most common addiction group topics we discuss in our sessions and activities that can facilitate long-term sobriety.

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