Mental Health Awareness in Sobriety

July 1, 2021

Sobriety is a major pathway to good mental health, but it does not secure it. Instead, having your brain and body free and clear of addictive substances allows you to make the best choices necessary for mental health, and gives you the strength to do the necessary work. The trauma resulting from the pandemic and a year of social isolation have brought these issues into sharp focus, and this opens up important conversations by releasing the stigma around mental illness as a whole.

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Choosing What is Hard

June 29, 2021

God calls each one of us to love sacrificially (Eph 5:2). Loving this way is hard. In our home, this call meant becoming foster parents. Being a foster parent is not easy or simple, and sometimes it is not even fulfilling (as you and I are tempted to define it). It is hard, it is costly, and it is often thankless, but we do it nonetheless. Here are three reasons why we, as a couple and now as a family, choose to do what is hard.

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Managing Interpersonal Boundaries

June 24, 2021

Interpersonal boundaries are part of the rules we establish about how we interact with other people. In this blog we focus on protecting ourselves from the outside. In a parallel blog we focused on keeping inside what needs to stay there. In both cases we can compare interpersonal boundaries to a house, which protects us from the outside, and keeps inside what needs to be there.

We prevent violations to ourselves by establishing and managing boundaries.

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Recovery on Social Media

June 22, 2021

You live in a time where the world revolves around Facebook and Twitter. Nothing is official or newsworthy unless you have updated your status and shared with you 700 closest cyber friends. If you want to post about a promotion at work or how wonderful your significant other is, then take a minute to get on your phone, tablet or laptop and update. But how much do you share?  There are certain things you might want to think twice about, especially when you are in recovery.

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9 Common Myths About Drug and Alcohol Addiction

June 17, 2021

The world of addiction is often misunderstood by those on the outside. From demonizing the addict to thinking they can just “get over it” or quit cold turkey, the range (and inaccuracy) of myths about addiction can be staggering.

If you have an addict in your life, it’s worth examining those addiction myths against the cold, hard light of day. Let’s take a look at the top nine:

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It’s True – Women Do Experience Addiction Differently

June 15, 2021

Women experience a wealth of unique health challenges, many of which remain under-treated or poorly addressed. Addiction is no exception, according to Dr. Lipi Roy, a physician specializing in addiction.

In a recent Forbes article, Dr. Roy points out the main gender differences between men and women as they apply to substance use disorder treatment. She also says a lot of the research into addiction was historically male-centered until the 1990s, when agencies finally required studies to include women in their research.

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