6 Traits of an Addictive Personality

October 8, 2020

An addictive personality is a set of personality traits that make an individual more prone to develop addictions to drugs, alcohol or other habit-forming behaviors. Know someone who might have one?

Here are a couple of red flags to look for…

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Are You Watching Addiction Break the Bank?

October 6, 2020

While I worked at a nonprofit geared toward rehabilitating ex-prisoners, the organization paid one of our graduates to do some renovation work on a transition house. He hadn’t been incarcerated for a drug offense and, to our knowledge, didn’t have a drug or alcohol problem. He apparently hid it well; once the check was in his hands, he disappeared without doing the work. The last we heard of him, he’d blown all the money on drugs and was homeless.

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When Someone is too Afraid to Ask for Help …

October 1, 2020

I was told when I got home, I went right upstairs into my bedroom. A few minutes later, my mom and grandmother heard a loud thump. When they came to check on me, I can only assume they weren’t expecting to find what they found. After all, I was supposed to be their golden child. I was hiding my addiction so well – or so I thought. What they found wasn’t their golden child who was known for making everyone laugh and being fiercely protective of his siblings.

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Avoiding Rock Bottom is Good

September 29, 2020

The concept of rock bottom implies that if I want to change a pattern of addictive behavior then I must lose everything and hit the lowest level possible before I will change.  Beyond the disheartening message that I have to destroy and ruin everything that matters to me, there is an obvious logical fallacy in the notion that truly losing everything will motivate much other than an intensification of self-destructive behaviors.  It is precisely when everything is lost that substances are at their most appealing.  The intensity of substance use is a direct reflection of the intensity of pain, so adding more pain and loss by pushing someone towards rock bottom is not only unlikely to be helpful, it is likely to be harmful.

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3 Alternative Therapies for Treating Drug and Alcohol Use Disorder

September 24, 2020

These days, clinical treatments can be delivered effectively in a setting that you find engaging. There are many stereotypes about therapy and counseling. When you think about drug and alcohol treatment, you might picture yourself facing a therapist on an opposing couch, or sharing your worries and concerns in a circle of other people in early recovery. While those are common experiences, quality treatment centers provide an array of therapy options so that you can choose one that’s right for you.

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When Familiar Beats Good

September 22, 2020

She lives under a bridge with hundreds of other junkies. Once beloved by her six grandchildren, she now shuns them in favor of squalor and heroin. I’ve never been well or happy for a long period of time. So when I do feel like I am doing well, I’m afraid because it’s not a feeling I’m familiar with and it scares me. When I do become clean, I’ve got to become a new person because I’ve been this other person for so long.

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