Travis shares how YOU can help

November 5, 2017

Executive Director, Travis Hall appears on WTVZ broadcast – Hampton Roads Issues to share the difference Youth Challenge is making in the face of the current Drug Epidemic. Watch the video HERE

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The Fatima Morgana Effect

October 18, 2017

by Jean-Paul Thorne, Educational Director It’s a type of mirage. I’m sure you were wondering. It’s a special type of mirage seen over oceans far, far in the distance, on the horizon.  It creates the illusion of a city on the clouds, hazy and far-away. It’s not real.  It’s just a play of light dancing off…

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YC Graduate: How Reggae helped one man get clean

September 28, 2017

The deadly drug took him to the brink. “About four years in I overdosed and some friends came to my house and they were like, ‘we want you to get some help’,” said Robertson.   Watch the video HERE

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Come, Chaos Seekers

September 9, 2017

by Jean-Paul Thorne, Educational Director I was talking with a student in our program recently, and during the conversation he expressed how he actually likes chaos, how there is a part of him that likes the excitement of chaos and the unknown.  He said it as he spoke about his life of addiction. I could…

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Roots of Love

August 24, 2017

by Jean Paul Thorne Roots are amazingly powerful. At the beginning of their growth, they are thin, fragile, and tender; easily broken. Yet, ever so slowly…relentlessly… they gently push into the soil. And before you know it, these same roots have become a powerful network underground, affixing the tree to the ground with staggering might…

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