Roots of Love

by Jean Paul Thorne

Roots are amazingly powerful. At the beginning of their growth, they are thin, fragile, and tender; easily broken. Yet, ever so slowly…relentlessly… they gently push into the soil. And before you know it, these same roots have become a powerful network underground, affixing the tree to the ground with staggering might and  stability.  These roots nourish the life of the tree, anchoring it, supplying it a solid foundation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

In addiction, one’s ability to give and receive love is malnourished. The pursuit of substance becomes selfish and all-encompassing.  But with God, there is hope. God has His eye on each one, every person can be touched by God’s love.  He reaches into the darkest and hardest of places, and brings a light of hope and an avenue of escape.  He offers not only rescue but restoration; and a life nourished by Him.

Youth Challenge offers a place of good soil, a place where one can be planted and rooted in support, accountability, and care.  The staff understands addiction, because we’ve been there, and, more importantly, have allowed the roots of recovery and good living to become well-rooted in our own lives.  We’ll provide the ground, God will provide the growth. 

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