Navigating a Life After Addiction

This article was written by Horton and published by S2L Recovery


There is a desire for change when a person enters an addiction recovery program. The habits and tendencies that previously drove their decision-making have been deemed unhealthy, unproductive, and they are unwilling to continue down the same road.

This leads many to seek addiction recovery treatment. Many people struggling with addiction are lost and a curriculum based on teachings found in the Bible help them to recover from their sickness.

But it all begins with a dream of starting over and living a new life.

However, transitioning into this new reality can be difficult. A person struggling with addiction might have used substances as a crutch before, but that isn’t available to them any longer.

So how does a person fresh out of Christian addiction treatment find their way in a sober world?

Set Expectations

The person that emerges from Christian addiction treatment is different from the person that enters. Your capacity for love and rational thinking is dramatically increased. So is your ability to provide assistance to others and take care of yourself.

You need to set new standards for yourself. Speak to family members and friends and let them know how you will be contributing. You should also understand that your family has, in many cases, years of seeing the negative effects from your addiction. This should cause you to be patient and humble while you earn trust back.

Remember What Made You Want To Change

It will be tempting to return to your old life. Our memories tend to become more positive as we gain distance from troubled times. But remember, this is not the whole picture. You must remember what it was like just before entering Christian addiction treatment.

Don’t lose sight of whatever it was that convinced you it was time for a change. You can get through these temptations. A clear view on what brought you to this point can be a great asset.

Enjoy Your Family and Friends

Christian addiction treatment gives you your life back. Many people struggling with addiction grow distant from their loved ones. This is your chance to rekindle those relationships.

But at the same time, you need to take stock of the people you are surrounding yourself with. Avoid surrounding yourself with people that are stuck in your old lifestyle. These people might be your friends, but they are not on the same path as you are now on.

Find New Hobbies

You’re going to have a lot of spare time. The time you spent chasing or using drugs and alcohol are now yours to invest with. Suddenly having this much time on your hands is a great gift. Is there something you always wanted to learn how to do but just didn’t have the time? This is your opportunity.

Use your new life to grow and experience new things.

Rebuild Trust

Many people who have struggled with addiction have damaged their personal relationships with decisions they made. And while you may not be proud of these mistakes, it is your responsibility to own them. The power of Christ can give you the strength you need to have difficult conversations with your loved ones. Although in Christ you are a new creation often times, we still must deal with the seeds that were sown while living a life of addiction. After returning home the situation is that there is a new hope you are not alone to walk this new journey.

But that’s only the beginning. Truly rebuilding trust takes time. It’s not something that can be done with words. It must be demonstrated with actions and fortified by time. So be patient. Everything might not fall back into place immediately, but continued practice will make the necessary strides.

Establish a Routine

Your health should become a main focus. A life spent battling an addiction to alcohol and drugs will leave a person’s body in ruins. We can’t undo the damage we’ve done in the past. But we can use the present and the future to move toward a point of health and strength.

Exercise and proper diet will serve you in two different ways. First, it will improve your physical health. You’ll feel better. You’ll look better. And second, exercise will improve your mental health. And in times like these, we can use all the help we can get.

Stay In Touch With God

Your journey with God doesn’t stop when you complete Christian alcohol treatment. This is a lifelong conversation. The help, guidance, and assistance gained from a strong relationship with the creator will help you remain strong as you face life.

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