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First Responders Need Help, Too

November 25, 2021

Though first responders are trained to work efficiently under the most challenging conditions, the constant exposure to life-threatening or traumatizing events eventually takes a toll.

The tumultuous events of the last year – political unrest, the coronavirus, and even the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 – have put our first responders and public health workers in sharp focus.

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Finding Hope When It’s Hard to Find

November 23, 2021

Hopelessness is a terrible feeling. Not only is it a powerfully defeating emotion, hopelessness changes our perception. When we feel hopeless, it’s difficult to perceive the prospect of improving our present circumstances, our future, our relationships, or society writ large. We may lose interest in things we once valued, such as our favorite activities and important relationships. We may increasingly feel powerless, isolated, and abandoned. Without hope, we lose our ability to imagine the sun behind the clouds, focusing solely on the rain and the storm’s perceived permanency.

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The Self-Empowering Approach

November 18, 2021

Practical Recovery and SMART Recovery both use the self-empowering approach for resolving addictive problems. This approach contrasts with the powerlessness-based approach of AA and other 12-step groups, at least on the surface. Both approaches begin with the person considering change, and then deciding to change (at least to some degree). Both approaches can be effective, but one may work better for specific individuals.

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Learning & Letting Go: Reflection, Forgiveness, and Moving Forward

November 16, 2021

After leaving treatment and returning to everyday life, the work we must do to stay sober truly begins. Now that we are no longer hiding or distracting ourselves from the pain and fear that lead to our addiction, we are forced to take a look deep within ourselves to figure out who we once are and the person we are destined to become. This process of letting go requires us to have courage and compassion for ourselves, the belief that we deserve forgiveness, and the readiness to move forward.

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Staying Strong, Sober, and Sane During the Holidays

November 11, 2021

Delaying recovery until the new year can have devastating consequences. Stress and substance abuse increase during the holidays season and overdose rates climb.

If you’ve started your recovery journey, you’ve acquired some useful tools to help you survive the holidays with your sobriety intact. Thanksgiving is around the corner and marks the official start of the fun, festive and sometimes dreaded holiday season.

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Pros and Cons of Animal-Assisted Therapy

November 9, 2021

Most of us would agree that the presence of an animal can improve one’s mood and relieve feelings of loneliness. But when it comes to treating serious mental health issues such as addiction and co-occurring psychological disorders, even the most ardent animal lovers might be skeptical about how helpful our four-legged friends can be.

Nevertheless, animal-assisted therapy has become extremely popular, with many highly regarded addiction treatment facilities employing its use.

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