Addiction Is No Joke

May 24, 2022

One of the main reasons why people who need help for drug and alcohol addiction do not go to rehab centers or detox centers is because of the stigma associated with having dependence on these substances. It is important that the public understands there is nothing shameful about seeking help for and being open about addiction, and people who recognize their substance abuse should be applauded for having the courage to try to overcome their problem, not chastised for it.

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The Homemade High: A Guide for Parents

May 19, 2022

Getting High: 11 Unassuming Household Items Parents Should Watch Out For

A teenage mind determined to get high is a breeding ground for creativity.  Everybody knows about the usual suspects: pot, alcohol, dad’s back pain pills, etc.  However, there are a number of ways kids can alter their consciousness even when access to the usual suspects is successfully restricted.  This week’s article, while far from comprehensive, covers some of the lesser-known ways kids find ways to stimulate their minds.

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Seeing Past the Secrets: Recognizing Heroin Addiction Signs

May 17, 2022

Drug Addiction Recovery for Friends of Heroin Addicts

Would you recognize the signs of heroin addiction or other substance abuse in your friend or love done?

The inherent secrecy of heroin use is one of the most challenging aspects of detecting a friend’s heroin addiction. In order for the user to keep up appearances and remain in control of their drug use, they keep their heroin addiction signs hidden and out of view. Addicted patients have trouble keeping healthy relationships due to the lies they need to tell in order to continue using. As difficult as it is, try to maintain your friendship as you seek the signs of your friend’s addiction. Your friendship, care, and concern can make the difference in their drug addiction recovery and their path to recovery.

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Alcohol Relapse Symptoms: When They Start Drinking Again

May 12, 2022

Relapse is common in the addiction recovery process. Many people require multiple rounds of rehab to remain sober long-term. Although it’s best to avoid relapsing, this isn’t the reality for all recovering addicts. The point is to get them the stabilization care they need to get them back on track. However, relapse is preventable, and if you have a loved one in addiction recovery, there are plenty of red flags to look out for. With this in mind, here are some common alcohol relapse symptoms your loved one might display when they start drinking again.

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Sobriety: How to Live a Full Life in Recovery

May 10, 2022

Recovery may seem like a dream in the distant future for some. But the truth is, long-term recovery is a reality for many. And as much as alcohol misuse may seem to “choose” who it wants and the onus of the battle with alcoholism falls on the shoulders of the individual, it requires support from loved ones and professional treatment to reach long-term sobriety.

Joy Sutton, host of American Addiction Centers’ (AAC) Sober Thursdays, met with four current employees of the nationwide leader in addiction treatment.

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Rebound Relationships in Recovery

May 5, 2022

If (as the current paradigm shift in recovery suggests) the opposite of addiction is connection not sobriety, then it makes perfect sense that initiating new romantic relationships early on in recovery is commonplace.  As with so many facets of recovery, there is an abundance of “advice” on relationships.  The recovery “wisdom” on relationships has some worthwhile points to consider, but is often fraught with arbitrary absolutes and unfounded, unrealistic mandates.  Thus far, there has been no empirical data linking horticultural adeptness to interpersonal effectiveness.  So if you buy a plant and it doesn’t go so well, fret not, that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed in building meaningful and lasting relationships.

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