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The Keys to Self-Regulation

January 26, 2021

We know now through research, experience, and common sense that all so-called “addicts” are not the same, and that addiction is not an intractable, lifelong condition that cannot be overcome.  At the heart of addictive problems a compromised capacity for self-regulation is often found. Self-regulation is not a genetic trait that some inherit and some do not – it is a skill developed and nurtured largely by the environment. 

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5 Common Myths About Addiction

January 21, 2021

Throughout the history of humanity, mind-altering substances have been used in various forms in nearly every known culture. And wherever drugs or alcohol could be found, so could problems of individuals falling prey to the pleasures of intoxication. Addiction is not a new or sudden problem in our society, and therefore, it comes with centuries of philosophers, sociologists, psychologists and doctors attempting to define it and to cure it.

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8 Lies Addicts Tell… and Why

January 19, 2021

How do you tell if an alcoholic is lying? It’s when their lips are moving.

If you love an addict, this old saying may ring true for you.

Still, it can be easy to forget you’re not talking to that person you know and love if they are in active addiction. After all, they look the same… the same eyes, hair, height and build. But you may feel as though a stranger has taken up habitat in your loved one’s body.

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Do You Drink Or Use to Repress Your Rage?

January 15, 2021

Women in general are trained not to show anger – Southern women especially. I grew up in the South in the Reagan years, the daughter of a divorced mom. I was close to my dad, step-mother, step-brother, and grandparents.

No one ever argued; no one ever fought. The one or two times I said something in anger, I was swiftly and harshly reprimanded.

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Addressing the Gap – How to Explain a Period of Unemployment

January 12, 2021

Re-entering the workforce after any length of time away can be intimidating and it is difficult to know where to begin, particularly because job hunting has become so highly competitive due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you are looking for an entry-level position or seeking the opportunity to jump back into your career, having a strong resume on hand is key.

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Feelings Versus Thoughts

January 7, 2021

An important aspect of thinking rationally is to know the difference between a “feeling” and a “thought”.

Sound simple?
For many it’s not.

Next time someone asks you “how you feel about something”, take notice whether you answer in basically one word. If not, you most likely are relating what you think.

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The Disease of Addiction Explained

January 5, 2021

Recovery Centers of America’s Chief Scientific Officer Deni Carise explained the disease of addiction at the Villanova conference for Friends of the Manor.

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The Absurdity of Pride

December 31, 2020

Pride might help us feel strong and attractive in our own eyes, at least for a moment. But in reality, it is a gross violation of our created design. When seen accurately it is ugly, destructive, and utterly absurd. It is the absurdity and ridiculousness of pride that I want to consider.

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The Beauty of Basic

December 29, 2020

Lifestyle impositions stifle our sense of freedom and challenge us to get back to the basics in order to maintain psychological and emotional wellbeing.  Restriction conjures rebellion.  Rarely is the spirit more determined than when caged.  The essence of finding the feeling of freedom amidst extreme limitation lies in reconnecting with the senses.  The modern human has been conditioned to life with a plethora of sophisticated distractions at our beck and call. 

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Saving Your Career and Life While in Rehab

December 22, 2020

You’re living a double life. You go to work and have a family and friends. But the other side is darker. You drink or do drugs to get through your day. You even sneak in a buzz or high in the middle of your work day to get you past the grind. You’re not alone, though. Many professionals struggle with alcoholism and addiction.

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