How to Create a Home Environment That Helps You Stay Sober

This article was written by Lisa Sitwell and published by Home of Grace.

Sobriety isn’t something that just happens one day and you’re automatically free of addiction. People are referred to as “recovering addicts” because it’s known that the healing process is an ongoing thing. In order to prevent relapses, you need to make sure your environment is conducive to a healthy and productive life. These are some things you can do to stay sober by adjusting your surroundings.

Choosing Your Friends

Getting sober can often involve making amends with some people and cutting ties with others. You might have made some strong social connections through your addiction and be fearful about letting go of them, but anyone who could be a threat to sobriety should be avoided until further notice. This could be someone who supplied you with drugs or someone who acted as an enabler.

When taking stock of this, you might also realize that somebody was never truly a friend and that the only connection you had was through drugs. We read in Proverbs 14:12 (NKJV) that “there is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” Some of these friends made during your addiction may seem like good people to have around but really, they could be leading you to your demise if you’re not careful during your recovery. You can make so many better connections by meeting other sober people and helping one another to keep away from substances through awareness and caring.

Home Improvement

Addiction can be a symptom of a life that isn’t in order. You might have used drugs and alcohol as a means of avoiding responsibilities, and if you wish to become sober, you have to face those responsibilities. You need to keep your home in good order and rearrange or change anything that could be affecting your attitude. According to Wholesale Cabinets, the color of a room can be a factor that has an influence on your mood. Try repainting to a cheerier color that provides you with feelings of renewal. You should also tackle any projects that you’ve been putting off, whether it means calling in professionals or fixing them yourself.

Keep Busy

Not having anything to do can be especially dangerous for recovering addicts. In the past, you’ve likely filled your day by using addictive substances because you couldn’t think of anything better to do. In Matthew 20:6 (NKJV) lazy laborers are asked, “Why stand ye here all the day idle?” Idleness in your sobriety can lead you down a bad path again. You need to find healthy outlets so that you’re spending your time well. Along with holding a steady job, Olivelle recommends looking into a healthy hobby like cooking, or even trying a new sport.

When you give up addictive substances, you’re also giving up the lifestyle decisions that brought you to them. This is necessary if you wish to no longer feel the grip of addiction. You don’t have to forget who you were. Remembering this can help you with determining who you want to be.

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