Saving Your Career and Life While in Rehab

December 22, 2020

You’re living a double life. You go to work and have a family and friends. But the other side is darker. You drink or do drugs to get through your day. You even sneak in a buzz or high in the middle of your work day to get you past the grind. You’re not alone, though. Many professionals struggle with alcoholism and addiction.

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What Does Organized Nutrition Have to Do With Addiction Recovery?

December 17, 2020

The process of addiction recovery involves both mental and physical wellness and nutrition.

Most of us don’t equate the words organized nutrition with anything fun. But we’re going to dispel that belief here and now.

Meal planning and meal prep, when done correctly, does involve a process of organization. Think of it as front-loading mealtime plans for the long term. And the benefits are many.

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Can They Handle It? Admitting an Addiction to Your Boss

December 15, 2020

Linda lived in a nearly constant state of anxiety. Every day, she worked so hard at her job – but her efforts were as much about hiding her addiction as completing her workload. She couldn’t afford to lose this job. She was convinced her employer would boot her if they knew about her struggle with alcohol. So she kept up appearances and hoped her boss wouldn’t notice.

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Dating While in Recovery: Here’s How

December 10, 2020

Navigating the dating scene is hard enough. For those of us in recovery, we have a few added stresses, like trying to figure out when to tell someone we’re in recovery, or if it’s even the right time to date.

When it comes to when it’s time to tell someone you’re in recovery, we ran a poll on our Facebook. Here’s what we found:

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5 Tips for Getting Through the Pandemic Holidays, Sober

December 8, 2020

This year, the holidays will be especially taxing for many people. Here’s how to make it through.

The holidays are always a fraught time for people in recovery. The shorter, darker, colder days during November and December can take a toll on anyone. Add in the stress of returning home, dealing with family members, and attending social functions where drinking might be expected, and the holidays are a minefield.

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On Self-Control

December 3, 2020

‘Self-control’ is:
a) what you build up, develop, create, learn by controlling your behavior repeatedly – regard self-control as a skill; b) NOT a THING you have [or don’t have] that lets you control your behavior [or not].

When some one says:
‘I have no self-control over my drinking,’ or whatever, I can ask:
‘Are you well practiced at resisting urges or opportunities to use.’

The answer is
‘no’. This person is well practiced in giving in to those urges and opportunities.

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